Doar ultime raspunsuri

Fac forma unei pale
Unind grotescul pact
Cu unduirea fina.
Frunzis in mixul de mesteacan
M-adoarme dintr-un vis senin
Deschid surasul din privire
Alcatuind, alcatuind …

din acelasi volumul In timpul unei masturbari, indiferent de sex, ingerii pleaca (2005)

Fotografie realizata pe 22 Decembrie 2010, Bucuresti


2 thoughts on “Intinderi

  1. Hm.

    Just final answers
    Are building the shape of a gust (of wind)
    Unifying the grotesque pact
    With the fine ripple.
    Foliage in the mix of birch
    It make me fall in sleep from a serene dream,
    I open a smile from my look,
    Forming, forming …



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